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Whether normal or cesarean

Childbirth is the delivery of the baby to the world.

From the preconception consultations and the first prenatal consultation, the obstetricians at the Marcello Rocco Clinic seek to welcome and understand the patient's wishes about the long-awaited moment of childbirth: what are your expectations, preferences and previous experiences.


This sweet wait for the moment, the exchange of knowledge and perceptions at each prenatal consultation, the delivery plan, the delivery and availability of the team together with the parents and the baby form what we call proper delivery, regardless of the mode of delivery (normal or cesarean section), with as little intervention as possible.


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Normal birth

Vaginal delivery is anatomically normal. It is known that 80% to 90% of labors could naturally evolve to this route of birth, without any interference - even in twin pregnancies.


The normal delivery has many advantages, such as more safety, better recovery, greater comfort for the woman and lower risk of infections, in addition to the countless benefits for the baby. Generally, in low-risk pregnancies, it can happen up to the 42nd week of pregnancy.


We have one specialized and multidisciplinary team for this follow-up, including a doula, an obstetric nurse, a physiotherapist, among other professionals, to accompany such an important and unforgettable event in your life.

Cesarean delivery

Delivery by caesarean section (cesarean section), a surgical procedure, represents an equally important route that came to add in many cases and to avoid obstetric complications and risky maneuvers. It's recommended under certain conditions, such as a baby in a cormic position (a baby lying across the maternal abdomen), placental changes (such as placenta previa), obstructions to the birth canal, increased risk of uterine rupture, among others, and is often indicated in emergency situations. It can be indicated from the 39th week of pregnancy.

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Take all your doubts in a clinical evaluation and orientation consultation.


Dr. Carolina Buck is specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine.

Performs comprehensive prenatal care, in-office ultrasounds and humanized deliveries.

Private Consultation/Refund.

We accept credit cards with installments, except for teleconsultations.

We guide the refund process.

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