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What is Hormonal Implant?


The hormonal implant is a long-term, very practical and worldwide trend contraceptive method.


With an efficacy greater than 99% for 3 years, it releases synthetic progesterone continuously, making the ovarian block (just as oral contraceptives do) and changing the intrauterine function, with thinning of the endometrium (the layer that peels off during menstruation). In this way, the woman is not menstruating (in 80% of the cases) or with little escape, an effect similar to the hormonal IUD, even with a significant improvement in PMS.

The flexible plastic stick of about 4 cm is placed superficially under the skin, on the inner side of the arm. Insertion is quick and done in the office, after application of local anesthesia.

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Each woman deals with doubts and expectations, with problems and overcoming, which deserve all the care and consideration. It makes all the difference to have a doctor who respects that individuality.

Is Hormonal Implant the best contraceptive method for you?


The Hormonal Implant is indicated for women who do not wish to be attached to the daily pill-taking routine, for patients with contraindications to synthetic estrogen (present in combined pills, which can be the villain for increasing cholesterol, thrombosis, migraines) and for women who breastfeed. It is also indicated as an adjunct treatment in cases of abundant flow and mild endometriosis.

Talk to the gynecologist and make an assessment. It is necessary for the doctor to do tests to assess whether the woman is able to receive it.

Ask all your questions in a clinical evaluation and orientation consultation.

Take all your doubts in a clinical evaluation and orientation consultation.


Dr. Carolina Buck is specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine.

Performs comprehensive prenatal care, in-office ultrasounds and humanized deliveries.

Private Consultation/Refund.

We accept credit cards with installments, except for teleconsultations.

We guide the refund process.

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