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What is an IUD?

IUD is short for Intrauterine Device. It is a small, flexible, T-shaped plastic object inserted inside the uterus to act as a contraceptive and prevent pregnancy, as well as other benefits.

There are non-hormonal and hormonal IUDs. Each type of IUD has a mechanism of action, a way of preventing pregnancy. It should be removed in 5 to 10 years, or at any time if you wish.

Non-hormonal IUDs: can be coated with copper or copper and silver. Both exert an inflammatory action, making pregnancy difficult.

Hormonal IUDs: there is daily release of hormone that will thin the inner layer of the uterus and modify vaginal secretion to prevent sperm from rising.

Each woman deals with doubts and expectations, with problems and overcoming, which deserve all the care and consideration. It makes all the difference to have a doctor who respects that individuality.

Is an IUD the best method of contraception for you?


To be sure, you need to talk to the gynecologist, so that he can assess your case individually. It is first necessary to safely exclude the possibility of the patient being pregnant. Dr. Rocco explains that the IUD is a great alternative for those who cannot use a combined estrogen-based hormonal method (such as pills, patches and contraceptive rings), it can be used by women who have never had children and there is no restriction after childbirth.


But the IUD has some contraindications, such as in women with uterine malformations or disorders such as fibroids, pelvic infections, suspected genital cancer or abnormal bleeding. Make an appointment for guidance.

IUD placement is a simple procedure, performed in the office, and does not require anesthesia.


Dr. Rocco has the knowledge and skill to insert the IUD in the office, with total safety, tranquility and speed, without the need for hospitalization of the patient in a hospital environment or sedation under anesthesia.

The placement is explained in detail to the patient by Dr. Rocco before the procedure, to make her feel calm and comfortable. An applicator is used, placed inside the uterine cavity through the cervix.

Some patients may experience colic during the insertion of the IUD, but it is a very well-tolerated and transient sensation. After placement, the patient must return to the office after the next menstruation for clinical reevaluation by Dr. Rocco.

Ask all your questions in a clinical evaluation and orientation consultation.

Take all your doubts in a clinical evaluation and orientation consultation.


Dr. Carolina Buck is specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine.

Performs comprehensive prenatal care, in-office ultrasounds and humanized deliveries.

Private Consultation/Refund.

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We guide the refund process.

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