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What is


Endometriosis is a disease that is characterized by the presence of endometrial cells (tissue that lines the uterus) outside the uterine cavity.

It mainly affects the peritoneum (thin tissue that covers organs of the pelvis), ovaries, myometrium (causing adenomyosis), fallopian tubes, bladder, large intestine and ureter. Its main symptoms are menstrual pain, pain during sex, burning to urinate and chronic pelvic pain; on the other hand, dysmenorrhea (menstrual colic) is present only in 50% of confirmed cases of Endometriosis in adolescents.



Each woman deals with doubts and expectations, with problems and overcoming, which deserve all the care and consideration. It makes all the difference to have a doctor who respects that individuality.

The importance of

Early diagnosis of endometriosis


Our team of gynecologists specializing in Endometriosis never underestimates the patient'pain and always considers endometriosis as a possible cause of important cyclical pelvic pain.

During the consultation, the doctor will talk to the patient to understand her history, making a complete and detailed anamnesis. In-person return consultation may be required.

Pain can be treated with hormone therapy (birth control pills) and/or painkillers/anti-inflammatories. Frequent appointments are planned with the gynecologist for reassessments and complementary imaging tests.

When needed, surgery for endometriosis is minimally invasive, performed by videolaparoscopy, through small incisions in the abdomen to remove all visible foci of the disease. Surgery is usually indicated in cases of deep endometriosis in which drug treatment has not given results, in severe cases in which there is imminent intestinal or kidney obstruction and ​ in case of difficulty in becoming pregnant.

Endometriosis can happen

in adolescence


In adolescence, endometriotic lesions are different than in adulthood. In addition, young women rarely have deep infiltrative endometriosis (injury that penetrates more than 5mm). Videolaparoscopy enables a more frequent early diagnosis in adolescents with pelvic pain resistant to treatment with contraceptive pills and analgesics, with the disease being confirmed in 50% to 65% of this group of women.

We know that up to 60% of women diagnosed with Endometriosis report that symptoms of the disease began before the age of 20.

Warning signs to investigate Endometriosis in adolescence:

  1. Prolonged use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and birth control pills before age 18 to treat severe menstrual cramps;

  2. Family history of Endometriosis;

  3. Missing school more frequently during menstruation.

who has endometriosis

can't get pregnant?


A woman with Endometriosis may have difficulty getting pregnant. Although it is still considered a mysterious disease because it does not have a defined cause, it is known that in addition to chronic pelvic pain, the patient with Endometriosis may have difficulty getting pregnant and even sterility, in many cases the Assisted Reproduction technique is necessary, such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.

However, in the vast majority of cases of Endometriosis, the patient becomes pregnant without even knowing the diagnosis or after clinical and/or surgical treatment of the disease.



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Clear all your doubts in consultation

face-to-face or teleconsultation

Consultation and private treatment/reimbursement.

If the first appointment is by telemedicine, a face-to-face follow-up appointment may be necessary.

We guide the reimbursement process with the medical insurance.

cirurgia robotica endometriose marcello rocco
videolaparoscopia endometriose
cirurgia minimamente invasiva marcello rocco

Clear all your doubts in consultation

face-to-face or teleconsultation

Consultation and private treatment/reimbursement.

If the first appointment is by telemedicine, a face-to-face follow-up appointment may be necessary.

We guide the reimbursement process with the medical insurance.

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How does the telemedicine consultation work?


Even if you live in another neighborhood, city, state or country, you will receive qualified medical advice from a doctor endometriosis specialist, without the need for displacement.


The assessment of your personal and medical history is the first step to diagnosis and definition of treatment of endometriosis. Possibly, the face-to-face return consultation will be necessary.


You have right to reimbursement of the agreement even if the medical consultation is carried out remotely.




Marília Godoi

The Doctor. Marcello was extremely attentive and polite. The consultation was very enlightening and I felt very welcomed by him. Congratulations to him and the whole team who took care of me really well!

Paloma Hernandez Viscardi

I discovered some problems after an exam and started searching the internet for specialist doctors because I am from the interior of SP. I saw many comments about the Dr and so I decided to schedule a telemedicine appointment where I was received with great affection, he gave me unparalleled attention and after the appointment he also continued to give me the necessary assistance. I also want to thank your secretary for always being very solicitous and treating people with great affection. Gratitude

Flavia Ferreira

Excellent professional Dr Marcello. After years after a diagnosis, I was able to get to the problem and treat it with correct medications and tests. I definitely recommend it to all women who, like me, have difficulty getting pregnant. Congratulations and lots of success!

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