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Prenancy em branco


Pregnancy of
low or high risk

First of all, congratulations on the baby!

Pregnancy is a very important moment in a woman's life, and having a good prenatal care makes all the difference for the health of the mother and child.

Clínica Marcello Rocco offers care and attention during pregnancy, Guiding and respecting the patient's decisions in this very delicate and sensitive phase.

Mulher que começ o ultra-som

Prenatal Goals

Prenatal care is the long period that precedes the birth of the baby, the time to clarify all your doubts with the gynecologist and obstetrician and receive guidance and medical care, so that the time of birth is the best possible, with more confidence, security and risk reduction.

In prenatal appointments with the Marcello Rocco Clinic team, subjects such as changes in your body, weight gain, symptoms you may be experiencing, questions about food and physical activity are addressed. A lot of nonsense that talks about pregnancy will also be denied.

Consultations are initially held once a month, increasing the frequency as the pregnancy advances (after 28 weeks) or due to another need. The baby's development is monitored through pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

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When Pregnancy is High Risk

Twin pregnancy is always considered a high-risk pregnancy due to the high chances of premature delivery and its complications. Pregnancy of women with certain diseases, such as hypertension (pre-eclampsia or DHEG), diabetes, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, women who have had repeated miscarriages, thrombophilia or with age over 40 years, are also considered at high risk, as they may present serious intercurrences during pregnancy, such as insufficient placental nutrients, intrauterine growth restriction, malformations, increased risk for genetic syndromes, among other problems.


In these cases, prenatal appointments need to be more frequent, for greater control and follow-up.  

Gravidez de alto risco
dra Carolina buck

Take all your doubts in a clinical evaluation and orientation consultation.


Dr. Carolina Buck is specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine.

Performs comprehensive prenatal care, in-office ultrasounds and humanized deliveries.

Private Consultation/Refund.

We accept credit cards with installments, except for teleconsultations.

We guide the refund process.

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