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atenção médica para

Saúde Integral da Mulher


Each woman has her own time. Your own universe. Your own story.

Throughout her life, every woman deals with doubts and expectations, with problems and overcoming obstacles, which deserve all care and consideration.  Therefore, having a doctor who respects this individuality makes all the difference. Let him know that there is a time to speak and a time to listen. There is a time to wait and a time to act.


These are the medical foundations that guide our conduct and enable us to do our job well: to guide women clearly and precisely and truly help them in every challenge of their lives.


We do this out of respect for the life that is in our hands, in the certainty that every detail is important. We do this out of respect for the deep knowledge we have, which drives us to do exactly what must be done.

Because respect is good.

Jovem mulher fazendo anotações

Guidance and treatment of problems that may arise at each stage of life:

First menstruation >>
Vaginal discharge >>
Urinary tract infection >>
Sexual intercourse and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
Contraceptive methods
In-office IUD placement >>
Contraceptive Hormonal Implant Placement >>
Climacteric and menopause >>
Prevention of breast, ovarian and cervical cancer
Collection for Pap smear >>

Care and attention in this very delicate and sensitive phase of life, guiding and respecting the patient's decisions:

Prenatal >>
Proper birth >> 
Twin pregnancy >>
High risk pregnancy >>

dra carolina buck

Take all your doubts in a clinical evaluation and orientation consultation.


Dr. Carolina Buck is specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine.

Performs comprehensive prenatal care, in-office ultrasounds and humanized deliveries.

Private Consultation/Refund.

We accept credit cards with installments, except for teleconsultations.

We guide the refund process.

dra Carolina buck
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